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When it comes to what platform, beliefs, and ideologies Aaron has, they can be separated into two different areas- personal beliefs and beliefs for the greater good.

We all have our own personal beliefs. These beliefs benefit the individual, whether in social, emotional, or financial areas. But, it is the PERSONAL responsibility of elected individuals to accept that sometimes, the correct decision of the elected position and their personal beliefs are not always synonymous with each other.

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Parental Choice



We all have personal convictions about all sorts of things - education, political, family, hobbies, etc. However, it is only the position of unethical elected leaders to take the stance that best suits their own interests. We have seen this time and again at all levels of elected positions in this country. The truly good, effective, and moral elected leaders are those who can focus on the betterment of those who elected them into these positions, putting aside their own interests.

Aaron has not only exemplified his selfless service of putting others before himself, but he also understands how to put aside that internal yearning to make a decision or conduct an action that would satisfy himself, while neglecting others. Additionally, Aaron knows what duty means. Duty does not only stand in what is required in writing through policy or guidelines, but it stands in the unwritten morals and civil servant obligations when holding an elected position.

What does Aaron believe?

1) Parental Choice

We live in a world and society where there is so much conflicting information. While many are swayed in their beliefs of what is right and wrong, there is an idea that will always hold true - parental choice.

Each of us that have chosen to be parents, understand the responsibility that we have to oversee our children. In this, we are responsible for ensuring the success and growth of our children. This first-line of education is not the responsibility of agencies or institutions. It lies solely with the parents and guardians. In that, parents need to have the opportunity and ability to choose what is best for their family.

2) Transparency

To have an effective and beneficial relationship, transparency needs to exist. This is true for all level of relationships, such as business, family, and friends. This is even more paramount when it comes to the relationship between parents and educational institutes.

When the parents wants to be involved in their children's educational institute, they should be given every tool and resource needed to do so. Schools needs to allow physical access to classrooms. Parents should be given syllabi before the school year starts. The opportunity needs to exist to review budget plans before they are finalized.

This doesn't end there. The onus of responsibility falls onto the elected officials. The elected officials should be proactive in communicating with the children's parents via whatever means is most effective. Aaron will go above and beyond to ensure that parental concerns are addressed in a timely and sufficient manner. While it is a volunteer position, there is a certain level of responsibility of time requirement that is unwritten when it comes to doing whatever needs to be done to make parents feel informed.

3) Accountability


We seem to live in a world today that doesn't like to be held accountable. There is also this undertone of confrontation when it comes to accountability. However, with elected positions, this should be expected and encouraged. 

We are all human. We all make mistakes. We sometimes miss information. But, the stronger accountability that exists from parents in decisions, the better and more informed decisions can be. As a board member, Aaron hopes that there will never come a time when the only people at board meetings are the board members themselves. Aaron encourages parental involvement and checking of decisions. This ensures not only a strong relationship between school board and parents, but it also helps ensure a strong level of diligence in decisions - not complacency or passivity.