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The Bond of All Bonds - 8.11.21

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Hi All! My desire is to have transparency and to be proactive in my communications. So, that is what I am aiming to do with this blog about events and important items of interest from recent meetings I attend. Once on the board, I hope to continue this type of proactive communication! This past week, I was able to attend a meeting on the RE-4 School Bond. This bond is a $179 million dollars with $14.5 million going towards Windsor Charter Academy Expansion, $63 million going towards a new 900-student school in Windsor, $18 million towards expansion to serve 900 more students, $20.5 million to go towards facility projects including an SHS CTE Facility, and $63 million going towards two new Elementary Schools in Peakview and Raindance. I am sure there are varying thoughts on bonds, but mine is pretty simple... We are having exponential growth in the Windsor/Severance Area with all these new developments coming in. Student attendance numbers are already, and will continue to, grow exponentially. We need these expansions and facilities to continue maintaining a good ratio of teachers to students - ensuring a high quality of education for each child. It is only with this bond passing that we can do so. I personally agree that there will need to be a high level of accountability and transparency on where funding is going with such high dollar amounts. But, passing this bond is a necessity for the betterment of the future in our children's education. In that, I also fully agree that transparency needs to be paramount. What do I mean by this? Who is checking to ensure the funding will be adequate? Who is ensuring that the funds are going towards the projects they were ear-marked for? For previous bonds, were those projects completed? How has bond money been historically handled? What happens if the projects are not covered by the funds in the bond? These are all questions that I believe should have COMPLETE transparency and openness. We would all agree that we want to have quality education and environments for our kids. But, not while utilizing a resource that does not directly coincide with clear communication, intentions, and planning.

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