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Transparency is Encouraged - 8.13.21

A bunch of us like-minded individuals met last night and it was encouraging to hear that there are many who have the same concerns, questions, and thoughts as I do. Sometimes we feel alone in the endeavors we pursue or that we are perhaps maybe, a little crazy. Last night showed that we can all be "crazy" together. A common theme that I heard voiced repeatedly was the matter of transparency. I think that any person who holds a position, especially an elected one, should have this on the forefront of whatever they do. Too many individuals get elected into positions thinking they can just do the bare minimum. Hey, if they can sleep at night knowing this, then more power to them. However, I am NOT this way! The military taught me a sense of duty and selfless service. On top of this, I have always found a motivation in the satisfaction of knowing I am going above and beyond. These two things coupled together is what motivates me to be who I am - an achiever. An achiever in asking questions when no one else has any. An achiever in not always going with the flow, but taking pause and looking at alternative actions or options. An achiever in going the extra mile, above what is asked of me, to ensure that those under, with, and above me are just a little bit happier and satisfied. Transparency is the ultimate standard for me. I will do what needs to be done to be extra communicative to the community, ask the difficult questions, and not just be stuck in a "normalcy" of how things have been done. But, I will create the new, do what no others have done before, and strive to be a pioneer in helping people remember and see how these entities should be to create a bigger, better, and brighter world!

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