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The Precipice for Action 9.21.21

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Regardless of your ideologies, beliefs, or personal stances, I would hope that we can all agree that this world is in a mess. But, to keep it more relevant, our country is in a mess. There is so much hatred, divisiveness, and bigotry existing in our country today. When did it become a bad thing to speak up? When did it become a show of hatred to exercise freedom of speech? When did disagreement with someone start to always recede into battling remarks of personal feelings and name calling? Here's the thing. Our country was founded on Freedom of Speech. It was written in the Constitution that has given us the last 200+ years of freedom and liberty. Yes, we DO still have freedom and liberty. We are not being detained for saying Jesus name. We are not being arrested for simply being out past curfew. We are not being killed for preaching the belief of Constitutionalism. So yes, we are still free... but not for long. As we progress, there is a greater divide being created. There is a huge gap in ideological beliefs. However, as we progress, we are also seeing more and more coming to the realization of what is happening. Yes, there will always be those who will never wake up. There will always be some that continue to stay too engrained into what they choose to believe, that they will never think for themselves. What is your precipice for action? At what point do you have that eye-opening revelation and start to see broader, wider, and into a bigger scheme of things. The unfortunate part is that we all do not live long enough to personally experience the greater change. Our government takes a little bit at a time. Each time, they then take a little more. Let me ask - when is the last time the government gave BACK to us a freedom they have taken? When is the last time we had the government nullify or remove a piece of legislation that was turned into law? NEVER! The only way to return to a God-fearing, loving, freedom-enjoying, and opportunity-filled land, is to take action. When is the last time any of us took a step into the 'uncomfortable zone'? When did you last do something yourself instead of just thinking someone else will do it? We all need to step up. It is time. We have "let others handle it" for far too long, and that is exactly why we are where we are. Step up. Move up. Speak up. Take a peaceful and civil action upon yourself and fight for the rights that we have ALL enjoyed because of the cost of others who have fought before us!

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